In an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Affordable Care Act Is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme,” actress and health and wellness advocate Suzanne Somers says that the Affordable Care Act (or “Obamacare”) is socialized medicine that, when implemented, will be neither affordable nor effective.

“So far, all you are hearing on the news is how everyone’s premiums are doubling and tripling and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the whole thing is a big mess,” wrote Somers. “Plus, even after Obamacare is fully implemented, there still will be tens of millions of people not covered. So what’s the point?”

The point of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration argues, is to ensure that millions of people who were previously unable to afford health care get quality, low-price access to it.

"All told, nearly 6 in 10 Americans without health insurance today will be able to get covered for $100 or less," Obama told supporters.

Somers has taken a beating in the press for her Wall Street Journal piece, but not just because of what she said — it’s because of the “corrections and amplifications” that the WSJ had to add at the end of her published piece. Her references to quotes from Lenin and Churchill were removed from the article because they were “widely disputed” and unable to be confirmed. But that wasn’t all that was wrong with the article.

Somers makes several assertions about the Affordable Care Act, based only on her third-person knowledge of Canada’s universal health care system, that are either untrue of Obamacare or have yet to be proven true.

Here are four factual errors from Somers’ WSJ piece:

1. “The Affordable Care Act is a socialist ponzi scheme.” Firstly, Obamacare is capitalist in nature, using the rule of law — the Affordable Care Act — objectively to give each individual citizen the right to health care. Secondly, it is hardly a “Ponzi scheme,” which is a criminal act of investment fraud. There’s nothing criminal about the Affordable Care Act. In fact, it’s the law.

2. “The word ‘affordable’ is a misnomer.” No, the name makes sense actually. A report released Monday found that young, single Americans will be able to receive inexpensive coverage under Obamacare, some as low as $50. Compared to spending $200-$300 a month on other types of health insurance, that sounds pretty “affordable” to me.

3. “Medical care will be degraded.” In the way Somers used the word, let’s assume “degraded” means “to make the quality of something worse.” There’s no way that Somers could prove, based on reforms that haven’t been completely implemented yet, whether the quality of medical care will be worse because of Obamacare.

4. “Your most intimate personal information is now up for grabs.” Not sure where this provision is in the Affordable Care Act. Since Somers based her article solely on her Canadian relatives and what she’s been hearing on “the news” and not the actual act, it’s hard to tell. There have been privacy concerns raised recently about the use of a website to register people for insurance, but those concerns have been largely unsubstantiated.