If you’ve ever worked in a grocery or a restaurant, or any food-service position, you’ll know that the entire world throws away tons of food every year. Sometimes, that food isn’t even be bad — we just don’t like the way it looks. So, how do we go about reconstituting that thrown away food into something good? Some Swedish students have an answer: turn it into powder.

FoPo is the work of students at Sweden’s Lund University and stands — obviously — for food powder. As part of the university’s food product program, the students used the age-old process of freeze drying and powdering foods, which adds to the shelf-life of a lot of products.

While the idea of powdered food may sound disgusting, the idea isn’t to add a new diet to the ever-growing diet market. FoPo isn’t looking to compete with something like Soylent. Instead, the powdered foods can be added to others to enhance or change flavors, or as a supplement that you can add to shakes or smoothies. This could allow people who might not get their daily fruits and veggies to finally eat the recommended amount, while also helping cut down on food waste in the process.

“Armed with knowledge about food technologies, we know that bacteria causes spoilage, and bacteria loves water,” FoPo’s Kickstarter campaign page reads. “By drying the food, we can save it from being expired. Hence, we explored different drying techniques for fruits right before expiry, used a pulverizer to make powder, and POOF! We created FoPo food powder — a delicious food powder that extended the shelf life of food from two weeks to two years, maximize logistics distribution due to its powder form, and still retain the nutritional content of the food!”

The team is currently running a pilot program in Manila, Philippines, and is drying calamansi, a citrus fruit that tastes like a mix of tangerine and lime. FoPo has reportedly gotten a lot of support in the Philippines and they are about to start working with the UN’s Initiative on Food Loss and Waste, which will help them reach more people in more countries. They’ve also had Ben & Jerry’s as a backer, with the ice cream maker pledging to add an additional 20 percent over their target goal, while also providing backer incentives to FoPo’s Kickstarter.

While there is no timetable as to when FoPo will hit the general public, their Kickstarter campaign was a success and the team is working on a variety of new flavors.