Need a little extra kick to your training? Sometimes it is just a matter of stepping outside the box or your normal comfort zone. That is why we compiled this list of tips. If you are looking to get better results from your training then consider some of these options and see what they can do to help you reach and exceed your fitness goals!

Top Tips

Using Creatine - Creatine Monohydrate is an excellent supplement used by lots of serious athletes because it works. The best way to utilize it is taking it for 8 to 10 weeks and then cycling off for 6 weeks. Initially the creatine provides an added boost in strength and energy which then slowly diminishes. You can also easily time the use of creatine with a power or strength cycle at the gym and then train more moderately on the off cycle.

Eat Quality Protein - Not all protein is created the same. Typically they can be rated on a scale called the biological value. It is important to understand that the higher quality of protein you are ingesting, the better results you will see. From a science standpoint, there are a variety of opinions regarding the precise calculation of the BV factor, but still a general consensus remains on the best sources of protein which are: Why protein, whole soy beans, chick eggs, milk (1%), tuna, lean beef, and chicken. So make sure that is what you are taking in as the building blocks of your muscles.

Best Times for Protein - Consuming protein for maximum gains is actually a science. When you eat as well as what you eat helps your body recharge and grow and spike extra growth hormone production (naturally). First thing in the morning kick-start the day with amino acids (protein shake or eggs) to stop the cycle of a catabolic state which occurs during sleep. Always consume protein within 30 minutes of a workout to help spike extra GH. Then follow up that protein shot with another about an hour later as the body has calmed down and needs more fuel for rebuilding. Last but not least, a nice protein shake before bed can give the body added fuel for the beginning part of your rest and recovery cycle during sleep.

Skip the Belt - It used to be that weight belts, gloves, and straps were hallmarks of the men who lifted serious iron. But now they have been shown to be a crutch that is more detrimental than helpful. Constant reliance on the belt will prevent your back muscles from gaining strength as a secondary muscle group during certain exercises as your body learns to rely on that level of support instead of using the abdominal and other trunk muscles for support. The only time a belt is needed is for max weight reps on deadlifts, squats, power cleans, or overhead presses where the lower back is in a vulnerable position with maximum pressure.

Negatives on your Dips - Dips are an often underutilized exercise much like negatives are an underused technique. You can combine them together to greatly increase your strength and power in the triceps and shoulders which directly translates to a bigger bench press and more size. You want to use a hip belt to attach weight plates to for the extra poundage you need as well as setting up a bench behind the dip bar to stand on. Move to the dip starting position, keeping your feet lightly touching the benches as you slowly go down. When you hit the bottom of your range use your leg muscles to stand back up. One or two sets of slow negatives for 6-8 reps will have you screaming for mercy but will add some serious size and strength.

Ben Sanderson is a fitness trainer and writer for Nutribomb Discount Bodybuilding Supplements. Ben provides top tips and information on the current fads and tried and true methods of bodybuilding.