Despite her short three years on Earth, Olivia Rae Swedberg did what most could never accomplish in a lifetime: save the life of another. After her untimely death from brain cancer this past June, Olivia’s organs were donated to save the lives of not one, but two, terminally ill toddlers.

Olivia was diagnosed with brain cancer on May 7, the Daily Mail reported. After closer examination, it became clear that the young girl’s brain tumor, known as a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, was inoperable and Olivia had a zero percent chance of surviving the diagnosis.

Determined to enjoy their limited time with their daughter, the Swedbergs decided to take a family trip to Disney Land. It was during this trip that they were contacted by Jessica Goeller, the mother of 3-year-old Lucas Goeller, who was dying from a rare condition known as biliary atresia.

“(Lucas's mother) told me she had been following our story and felt compelled by God to contact us to let us know that he needed a liver, she was very sorry for us, but also knew there was a bigger picture in place,” Lauressa Swedberg, Olivia’s mother, told Fox Carolina.

Despite the grief they felt by their daughter’s quickly deteriorating health, the Swedbergs recognized the opportunity they now had to save the life of another dying child. The couple soon made arrangements to donate Olivia’s organs upon her death. According to Olivia’s mother, choosing to donate her young daughter’s organs was the hardest decision she has ever had to make.

Olivia passed away on Tuesday, June 30, not even two months after her initial diagnosis. Despite Olivia’s blood type not matching that of Lucas's, doctors agreed to do the operation. and by the following evening Lucas was fitted with his new liver. Olivia’s small intestines went on to save a 4-year old boy named Angelo, also from Pennsylvania, who was living with a debilitating condition known as short bowel syndrome. As reported by TechTimes, both boys are currently recovering well from their operations.

“It hasn't sunk in yet that he has had this transplant," explained Goeller, following her son’s operation. "I mean we’re talking about it. Just seems it's too good to be true.”

Although their grief is still recent, the Swedberg family feels comforted knowing such good came from their loss.

“She is an amazing little girl and we will miss her so terribly, but I know that — I have renewed faith — I have seen God's hands work in this and how could I not move forward knowing what a miracle she was to these praying families?” Swedberg said.