Apparently, it is indeed possible to distinguish a person's personality from their drink of choice - if that drink of choice is wine. The study was commissioned by French Wines with Style, and involved 2,000 respondents. The findings reveal traits in a number of subjects, from income level to interests to relationship status, and the results may surprise you.

The participants answered questions about themselves, particularly including their choice in wine. In the end, the drinkers were divided into three categories: red wine enthusiasts, white wine imbibers, and rosé drinkers.

In terms of career prospects, red wine drinkers were most likely to have a college degree and typically earn between $64,500 and $74,500 annually. Though 81 percent of the study respondents described themselves as happy at work, 65 percent of individuals are still ambitious and want to climb higher up the career ladder.

Meanwhile, 43 percent of white wine drinkers had attended college. At this point, the respondents earned an average of $40,000 to $48,000 a year but admitted that, while they are not near the top of their career's ladder, 42 percent were not ambitious. About three-quarters said that they were satisfied with the way that their career was now.

On the other hand, 55 percent of rosé drinkers had left school at the age of 18 and made an average of $48,000.

In terms of their relationships, red wine drinkers were more likely to be married and 86 percent said that they were happy in their relationship. White wine drinkers were generally happy to be single; 85 percent said that they were not looking. Rosé drinkers were likely to be happily settled but unmarried.

Red wine drinkers said that they liked to travel, taking about three holidays overseas a year. They had visited an average of 10 countries and described themselves as "cultured". They also describe themselves as confident, relaxed, strong, intelligent, stylish, and say they take pride in their appearance.

White wine drinkers used words like practical, bright, shy, quiet, and reserved. They also describe themselves as stylish and say they take care of their appearance.

Rosé drinkers say that they are warm, loud, and charming. They also are quite engaged on Facebook, logging in an average of 13 times a week, compared to red wine drinkers' eight.

"From the study it looks as though those with certain personality traits are drawn to certain styles of wine," Gerard Basset, a spokesman for French Wines with Style, said to the Telegraph. "Red wine drinkers appear to be the more relaxed of wine fans. White wine drinkers love the status quo. Whilst rosé fans are itching for change."

Unfortunately, the study respondents were largely limited to the United Kingdom, so it is unclear whether the results would also be true among wine drinkers in the United States.