A woman from Austin, Texas, has gone “viral for being ugly” as she said on Twitter. Katie Wright was hospitalized for a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection after picking at what she believed to be a pimple.

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Wright shared her story with the Facebook group Make Up Heavens. In a post dated July 30, she explained that her face became swollen within an hour of picking at what appeared to be a pimple. “It felt like something was going to burst out of my skin,” she said of the pain.

In a GoFundMe page set up to pay for her medical bills, Wright described the lesion in further detail.

“My face grew hot and swollen, then disfigured very quickly, with an oozing open wound that kept getting bigger.”

She then went to the hospital where she found out that she had an infection and not just acne.

“I went to the emergency room and they said it was a very serious case of cellulitis, which is a version of a staph infection, but instead of having a head like staph, it affects the deep cellular tissues with no main source to attack.”

Cellulitis is a fairly common, and mild, infection that clears up within days or weeks. For Wright, the case was much more extreme.

“Since it was on my face, there was a huge risk of it spreading to my brain or my eyes causing me to go blind. Serious shit.”

The culprit behind this extreme reaction is a dirty brush used to apply eyebrow makeup. Wright has urged women to keep their brushes clean to avoid a very costly and painful experience.

“I shared my very expensive lesson with the community of make-up artists, bloggers and fans in the hope others might avoid going through the same thing,” Wright explained on her GoFundMe page. “I am amazed at the responses people have posted, and truly happy that so many people have been inspired to take that extra step in their make up routine and CLEAN THEIR BRUSHES AND TOOLS. I'm not kidding when I say it is critical!”

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Wright is asking the community for $4,200 to cover the cost of her medical bills. “Unfortunately, this was not a cheap lesson to learn,” she wrote. “I was left with thousands of dollars in hospital bills that I haven't been able to pay yet. The doctors of St. David's saved my life and it would mean the world to be able to pay them back for their services.”

Despite owing thousands to her local hospital, Wright appears to be doing well.

“Although I feared my face would not heal, I was relieved to have my vision and my life spared.” she said.

To read her full story and donate, visit the GoFundMe page.

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