Aging is inevitable, but who says that you have to look exactly your age? There are a number of ways to cheat mother nature and turn back the clock to make your skin look younger, plumper, and firmer than your age would suggest.

Drink Water

While there’s no real fountain of youth, water is pretty close to it. According to the University of Wisconsin, without enough water, your skin cells aren’t able to function at their best and can become dry, tight, and flaky. Dry tight skin is more prone to wrinkle. Drinking water not only leaves us looking more hydrated, it can also prevent wrinkles. Unfortunately, water is able to reach other parts of our body before our skin, so it’s important to always drink enough to ensure your body has a chance to spread it out. Of course, there’s no ideal amount of water you should be drinking each day. Instead, experts simply suggest you listen to your own body needs and drink when you feel thirsty.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the single best behavior changes you can make for better health, but did you know that breaking the habit can actually do wonders for your skin and complexion? First off, according to, smokers are four times more likely than nonsmokers to report trouble sleeping. Quitting tobacco may help you get a better night's rest, which could prevent those annoying bags under your eyes.

In addition, smoking accelerates aging and can make you get wrinkles quicker than you would normally. In fact, according to, dermatologists agree that the skin of smokers looks on average 1.4 times older than that of non-smokers.

Limit Sun Exposure

It’s no surprise that the sun is bad for the skin, but it's also linked to premature aging and wrinkles, in addition to cancer. This is due to the same factor that makes sun cancer-causing: ultraviolet light. According to The Daily Mail, ultraviolet light can account for up to 80 percent of wrinkles, and can lead to other unpleasant skin characteristics such as sagging skin, degradation of skin texture, and skin yellowing.

While it's not ideal or even reasonable to avoid all sunlight, limiting your time in the sun and ensuring that you wear sunblock every day, even in cold or overcast weather, can prevent sun damage and leave your skin looking healthy and youthful, longer.

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Moisturize Daily

Along the same lines of water consumption, moisturization is an important part of skin care as it prevents skin from becoming tight and more prone to wrinkles. Moisturizers are designed to hold in water, and also help fill in the spaces between skin cells, smoothing the appearance of rough patches, How Stuff Works reported.


Of course, there’s always a surgical solution to making your skin look younger. There are a number of dermatological treatments that can help restore youth to your complexion. According to Allure, there are filler procedure to help eliminate small wrinkles and superficial lines on your face, Photodynamic rejuvenation, a treatment that can brighten your complexion, and chemical peels to even out skin tones.

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