Anxiety is a normal emotion for most people. When you deal with a difficult problem at work or school, when you have money or relationship problems, or even when you do something so common as cut it a little short when getting to the train. Some, however, don’t just feel anxious occasionally. Those suffering from generalized anxiety or other anxiety disorders deal with multiple symptoms of anxiety every day, which range from shortness of breath to dizziness. One photography student decided to capture these symptoms in a photo series called My Anxious Heart,. Katie Joy Crawford, 23, composed 12 photographs that illustrate anxiety and shed light on both the emotional and physical struggle that comes with anxiety.

“I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for over 10 years,” Crawford told Bustle. “I had started a project similar to this in another class and realized how much I needed to, quite literally, face my fear. The more I allowed anxiety to happen and was able to articulate it, the more I could put it in a photograph.”

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