A struggling disabled Spanish mother who is facing an eviction is auctioning off her non-vital organs to pay for her monthly rent.

The unidentified 44-year-old woman said that she is selling one of her kidneys, corneas, a lung and a piece of her liver because she cannot afford to pay her monthly rent and is now facing eviction.

The mother-of-one told El Mundo newspaper that all she wanted is a home, a job and enough money to support her daughter through education.

"I just need to do what I can for my daughter - her life is what's most important. I don't care about my own any more," she said in an interview. "I started off trying to sell a kidney, but now I'm not just selling that, I'm also selling my corneas, one of my lungs and a piece of my liver."

"I will sell whatever piece of my body that someone wants to buy and I am selling it out of desperation," The Valencia resident said.

The woman who will face 12 years of prison time for "illegal organ trafficking" if she is caught said she only received 426 Euros ($542) in benefits every month, and because she is certified 66 percent disabled because of a severe job problem, there are only a limited number of jobs she can do.

She told El Mundo that she had talked to a doctor in Melilla, a Spanish-owned city on the north Moroccan coast, about selling off her non-vital organs.

She said she has posted an advertisement online, but she has not yet received any offers.

The site on which she has posted her advertisement has not been revealed. The desperate woman with a 22-year-old daughter who receives a small orphan's pension after her father died some years ago, said that her body parts are "all she has" and "the only thing she can raise money from".

Both her and her daughter now live in a house owned by her ex-boyfriend from whom she had broken up with after he regularly beat her during their 15-year relationship.

She told the paper that she had reported him several times since they spilt up and things "had gone from bad to worse" and that he was now trying to throw her out because she could not pay the rent.