If women need another reason to have more frequent sex, a recent study from McGill University in Canada may have it: Sex may strengthen a woman’s hippocampus, the region of her brain associated with memory, so more frequent sex may give women better memory. Although the findings are controversial, they do offer at least a scientific motivation to have even more fun under the sheets.

The study revealed that women who have more penis in vagina intercourse (PVI) remembered more words when given a verbal recognition test, although sexual activity did nothing to help them remember faces better, Forbes reported. Based on these results, the study concluded that sexual intercourse stimulated the hippocampal region of the brain in women — an area largely associated with verbal memory.

“Taken together, these results suggest that PVI may indeed have beneficial effects on memory function in healthy young women,” the study concluded.

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Now, before you think this study is just a con to get more young women to jump into bed, past research has shown that any type of physical activity is likely to stimulate the hippocampus region, from running to yoga. This means it's not the specific act of PVI that leads to increased memory, but rather the workout women get during the act, which inevitable increases blood flow to the brain.

Still, the findings are interesting, and do highlight the fact that sex can have benefits far beyond simple procreation. For example, a 2014 study found that sexual intercouse can reduce anxiety, while another study found that individuals who practice BDSM sex are less neurotic, more open, more aware of and sensitive to rejection, more secure in their relationships, and had a better overall well-being. So, whatever your reasons for spending more intimate time with your special someone, remember that it’s good for both mind and body.

Source: Maunder L, Schoemaker D, Pruessner JC. Frequency of Penile–Vaginal Intercourse is Associated with Verbal Recognition Performance in Adult Women. Archives of Sexual Behavior . 2016

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