On Dec. 9, Dr. Shafi Ahmed used Snapchat Spectacles to record a hernia repair surgery. The British surgeon performed the routine procedure at the London Independent Hospital and sported a pair of sunglasses fitted with a camera that records 10-second clips for later uploading to the social media platform.

Over the course of an hour, Ahmed shared his first-hand point of view via a series of short clips, TIME reported. The doctor also narrated the surgery and his actions in a tutorial style. The short videos were also compiled and later shared on YouTube.

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According to TIME, around 150 to 200 medical students watched the surgery tutorial as it happened. In the 24 hours following, before the clips disappeared from Snapchat, many more joined in to see.

Ahmed plans to also publish the results of his Snapchat experiment in the coming weeks, and he will continue to use the $130 Spectacles in his practice.

“As individuals, as a surgeon in my case, we have a certain knowledge base that we want to share with as many people around as possible,” Ahmed told TIME.

Want to see the first-hand account of this surgery? Watch the video above, but note that some viewers may find it graphic.

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