Practicing yoga revitalizes your body and keeps you energized, alert, and flexible. Have you ever heard of a mental exercise that reaps the same benefits for your mind?


‘Superbrain Yoga’ is a quick exercise that can help to enhance your brain’s sharpness and clarity. The method is scientifically validated, according to Queensland Academics, and the practice is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.

Superbrain Yoga works by balancing both hemispheres of the brain and channeling energy to the mind.


Most importantly, SuperBrain Yoga is really easy to learn and only takes three to five minutes per day. Queensland Academics says the practice synchronizes the brain’s Alpha waves, resulting in increased energy in the mind.

Additionally, Superbrain Yoga reduces stress, improves psychological stability, and promotes proper brain function. The practice has also been associated with greater intelligence and creativity.


Here are Clear Mind Meditation Techniques’ simple steps to completing the SuperBrain Yoga exercise.

1. Stand up straight with your hands to your side and feet shoulder-width apart. 2. Take your left hand and with your thumb and index finger grab your right earlobe.
3. Now take your right hand, in the same way grab your left earlobe.
4 Your arms should now be crossed in front of your chest.
5. Now you are going to perform a leg squat by bending at the knees.
6. As you squat down with your hands still crossed, grasping your earlobes, inhale.
7. As you stand back up, exhale.
8. Repeat this breathing pattern, and continue to do squats for about 5 minutes.

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