A British woman is probably the envy of new mothers everywhere after revealing that her son was delivered after just a five-minute labor.

The 23-year-old Heather Thorpe's labor was so quick that infant Jonathon's grandparents nearly slept through the entire delivery.

Thorpe went to bed at 11:00 PM. At that time, she had not started going into labor and her water had not broken.

At 3:55 AM the next morning, Thorpe says that she felt one large contraction, followed by an overwhelming need to push.

Her parents were awoken by her screams and rushed into her room to help.

"'It was dark, I was alone. I did not call my mum and dad as I wanted to keep myself calm," Thorpe said to the Daily Mail.

By the time that they arrived, the delivery was over, and Ms. Thorpe's parents were there to greet their new grandson in Thorpe's dark bedroom.

"I couldn't get up to put the light on," Thorpe clarified.

Jonathon was born 10 days early in their home in Birmingham, the second-most populous city in England.

New mother Heather breathed into his mouth to make sure that his respiratory pathways were clear, but he was fine.

Her alarmed parents called for an ambulance to take her to a local hospital.

However, upon arrival, doctors certified that both mom and baby, who was born 5 pounds 7 ounces, were fine.

Ms. Thorpe described her labor as "relaxing". She felt content about having completed the process all by herself.

Grandmother Marrion calls baby Jonathon their little "Spitfire".

According to a federal health care study that examined labor times today and 50 years ago, new mothers are in labor for an average of six and a half hours.

Babies are also bigger at birth than they were, on average, 50 years ago.

Clearly, Heather Thorpe and baby Jonathon are the exception to the rule.