Living a zero-waste lifestyle entails living with virtually no waste. Everything must be recyclable or biodegradable and the use of plastic is frowned upon. While it may seem difficult to do so, many companies are now taking the initiative to encourage zero-waste lifestyles. One of the ways you can make the zero-waste change is through your toothpaste. Every year, toothpaste tubes contribute to landfills and increase waste. Here are 11 of the best toothpaste tablets that you should try today:

Nelson Natural Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets
photo: Nelson Natural

Nelson Natural’s Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets come in a refillable glass jar that supports zero-waste packaging. These toothpaste tablets are ready to go, wherever you go and are twice the size of regular toothpaste tablets. There’s no SLS, Glycerin, Fluoride, or artificial flavors and colors in these toothpaste tablets, so you can rest assured that they are safe and natural. It’s made with activated charcoal to help you get that killer smile.

T Series Chewable Solid Toothpaste
photo: T Series

T Series’ Chewable Sold Toothpaste comes in 2 flavors: Lemon and Lime. These flavored toothpaste tablets contain Vitamins B6, E, and C, Xylitol, Aloe Extract, and Fluoride, and are paraben-free. These tablets are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as they are cruelty-free and use no animal raw materials.

MANORICH All Natural Bite Toothpaste Tablet

MANORICH’s All Natural Bite Toothpaste Tablet comes in 2 flavors: Rosemary and Green Tea. These freshly-pressed toothpaste tablets are 100% gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free with no harsh chemicals. It comes in a recyclable plastic bottle that you can take anywhere for on-the-go teeth brushing and supports the zero-waste lifestyle.

Archtek Toothpaste Tablet
photo: Archtek

Archtek’s Toothpaste Tablet comes in a fresh mint flavor. These toothpaste tablets leave your mouth fresh and feeling squeaky clean without the mess that regular toothpaste leaves behind. It comes in a recyclable plastic bottle that helps keep some of the 560 million toothpaste tubes discarded every year out of landfills.

WELdental ChewTab Toothpaste Tablets
photo: WELdental

WELdental’s ChewTab Toothpaste Tablets are currently 5% off. It comes in a reusable glass bottle that supports the zero-waste lifestyle with refills coming in plastic-free packaging. These 100% natural xylitol toothpaste tablets are SLS-free and Fluoride-free and do not contain any harsh abrasives that could damage your gums and teeth. It comes in a refreshing Peppermint flavor sure to freshen your breath.

Listerine Ready! Tabs
photo: Listerine

Listerine’s Ready! Tabs are chewable tablets that come in a clean mint flavor. These tabs work harder than typical gums and mints to clean and freshen your mouth. It gives the same clean feel as brushing and rinsing at home. These tablets are sugar-free, alcohol-free, and kosher, and work in seconds. They are also proven to provide 4 hours of noticeable fresh breath.

Hello Dr. Tiblet Portable Solid Toothpaste Chewing Tablets
photo: Hello Dr. Tiblet

Hello Dr. Tiblet’s Portable Solid Toothpaste Chewing Tablets are a new concept solid toothpaste that is easy to use anywhere, anytime. As you chew these tablets, small grains penetrate between the teeth to clean, whiten, and strengthen them. These tablets can be taken anywhere as they come in an extremely portable case for on-the-go teeth cleaning.

SalTherapy ToothTab Chewable Toothpaste Solid Tablet
photo: SalTherapy

SalTherapy’s ToothTab Chewable Toothpaste Solid Tablet contains activated charcoal, which has been proven to whiten teeth, deodorize breath, and fight plaque. These solid toothpaste tablets are perfect for outdoor activities, traveling, office work, and daily use as they provide convenient, on-the-go teeth cleaning.

Denttabs Tabs
photo: Denttabs

Denttabs’ Tabs are natural toothpaste tablets with fluoride that are BDIH certified, sustainable, and ecological. These dry toothpaste tablets are perfect for traveling or on-the-go teeth cleaning and help protect against tartar and caries. It is also perfect for sensitive teeth and removes stains caused by tea, coffee, soda, smoking, and more.

Georganics Natural Mouthwash Tablets
photo: Georganics

Georganics’ Natural Mouthwash Tablets are formulated with a fluoride, glycerin, and SLS-free formula that helps restore a healthy pH balance in your mouth, maintains good oral health, and freshens your breath. It is PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan-friendly with zero-waste packaging that is plastic-free, recyclable, and biodegradable.

SpacePaste Toothpaste To Go
photo: SpacePaste

SpacePaste’s Toothpaste To Go contains Xylitol and patented ExoCyan Cran cranberry extract which reduces plaque, supports overall oral health, and creates a lingering clean feeling. In clinical trials, SpacePaste outperformed leading fluoride toothpaste in reducing plaque and demonstrated a significant antimicrobial effect on common oral bacteria. It comes with 15 chewable tablets that you can take anywhere for on-the-go teeth cleaning.