Your pets deserve nothing but the best and with Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get them pet stuff at affordable prices. There are deals as early as now for pet treats, toys, food, litter, and more. Here are 14 of the best deals ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2019 for pets:

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
photo: Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food is currently 50% off if it’s your first Subscribe & Save order. This dry dog food features real meat as its first ingredient and contains high-quality protein from real chicken that helps your dog build and maintain healthy muscles. These are formulated for adult dogs and contain the essential proteins and carbohydrates that meet the energy needs of adult dogs. They also have omegas-3 and 6 fatty acids which promote a shiny coat and healthy fur. This formula also contains a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists, that help support immune system health and life stage requirements.

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts In Gravy Entrée Wet Cat Food
photo: Sheba

Sheba’s Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Entrée Wet Cat Food is currently 10% off with an additional 50% off your first subscribe & save order. This wet cat food is made with real protein, plus essential vitamins and minerals essential for cat maintenance and kitten growth. It’s made with no grain, no corn, no soy, and no wheat. This brand is committed to responsibly sourced seafood and dedicated to using only the finest raw ingredients, making them one of the ideal wet cat foods on the market.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Adult Dry Cat Food
photo: Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Natural Adult Dry Cat Food is currently 50% off on your first subscribe & save order. This dry cat food is high in protein, and grain-free. It’s made with real chicken that helps cats build and maintain lean muscle mass and healthy carbohydrates including sweet potatoes and peas that help fuel your cat’s active lifestyle. It also contains omegas-3 and 6 that supports skin and coat health. This cat food is formulated for the health and well-being of adult cats in mind and features only the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

Purina Beyond Grain-Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food
photo: Purina Beyond

Purina Beyond’s Grain-Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food is currently 50% off your first subscribe & save order. This dry cat food features real ocean whitefish as its first ingredient and is made without corn, wheat, or soy. It comes in a variety of flavors your cats are sure to love, and each is formulated with your cat’s health and well-being in mind.

Chasing Our Tails Split Elk Antler Chew
photo: Chasing Our Tails

Chasing Our Tail’s Split Elk Antler Chew is currently 18% off. This chew toy is recommended for dog breeds under 40 lbs and is a great source of calcium, zinc, manganese, and potassium which help keep tartar knocked down on teeth. It is a great indoor chew that leaves no greasy mess on floors and does not develop an odor. This chew toy is not recommended for aggressive chewing dogs.

AIZARA Dog Chew Toy
photo: AIZARA

AIZARA’s Dog Chew Toy is meant for aggressive chewers and is nearly indestructible. It is currently 5% off. It uses a durable rubber that is non-toxic and BPA-and-Phthalate-free. IT is perfect for training and playing with your dogs, even in water, as it has a floating and bouncing feature for gnawing and fetching. This chew toy also promotes strong jaws, clean teeth, and general oral health in dogs, and can combat boredom and relieve anxiety and frustration in your pet.

Pedigree Dentastix Dental Treats for Dogs
photo: Pedigree

Pedigree’s Dentastix Dental Treats for Dogs are currently 14% off. These dental treats are for large dogs who are heavier than 30 lbs. It acts as a dog breath freshener and works by cleaning your dog’s teeth and freshening their breath. It has a clinically proven texture that reduces plaque and tartar buildup. It comes in a chicken flavor that your dog is sure to love.

Greenies Dental Cat Treats
photo: Greenies

Greenies’ Dental Cat Treats is currently 9% off. These dental cat treats have a crunchy texture and unique shape that help clean your cat’s teeth and reduces tartar, while also serving as a breath freshener. It is the #1 vet-recommended feline dental treat. It is formulated with natural ingredients and added vitamins, minerals, and taurine that offer complete nutrition along with optimal dental care for your cat. It comes in 4 flavors: Catnip, Salmon, Chicken, and Tuna.

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System
photo: Purina Tidy Cats

Purina Tidy Cats’ Breeze Cat Litter Box System is currently 50% off. This all-in-one litter system comes with a litter box, litter pads, and cat litter, and is meant as a starter kit for cat owners. The cat litter has ammonia blocker which is guaranteed to prevent the ammonia odor cat urine is known for, for 7 days. It also features anti-tracking pellets to ensure that the space surrounding your cat’s litter is completely mess-free.

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter
photo: Dr. Elsey’s

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is currently 8% off. This cat litter is hypo-allergenic, and contains no plant proteins, perfumes, or deodorants. It is a multi-cat formula with superior odor control that keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out. This is an all-natural clumping kitty litter with heavy, non-tracking granules for less mess.

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness
photo: PoyPet

PoyPet’s No Pull Dog Harness is currently 54% off. This dog harness comes in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. It is no pull and choke-free, so you can be sure that this dog harness doesn’t put a strain on your pet. It has dual elastic construction on the belly straps which provide stretchability for more comfort, and helps absorb jerks, and reduces the strain and risk of getting hurt. It’s made with a soft, breathable, non-toxic mesh that is padded, and pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent choking.

Eagloo Cat Harness
photo: Eagloo

Eagloo’s Cat Harness is currently 13% off. It comes in 4 sizes: XS, S, XS (13”-17”), and S+. This escape proof cat harness is made of lightweight, soft, breathable air-mesh fabric, with soft edges and resilient cushioning, which can effectively prevent injuries. It also gives your feline friend extra comfort and protection as it better absorbs jerks and evenly distributes the pressure so as to prevent choking.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum
photo: PetSafe

PetSafe’s Drinkwell Platinum is currently 25% off. This Amazon’s Choice product provides your pet with 1 gallon of water and does so with a drinking fountain mechanism. It also includes a replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, ensuring that your pet has access to fresh water all the time. It is BPA-free, and top-shelf dishwasher safe.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs
photo: iFetch

iFetch's Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs is currently 23% off. This interactive, on-demand ball launcher lets dogs play fetch to their hearts’ content. It stimulates dog’s minds by challenging them to learn something new and strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It is a new twist to the familiar game of fetch that your dogs are sure to love.