Life as a diabetic can be hard. However, you can manage your diabetes better and with infinitely less stress if you’re sure you’ve got everything you need to care for it. It also helps to be prepared in case of diabetes-related emergencies. Here are 14 must-haves for diabetics:

1. Transcend Glucose Gels
photo: Transcend

Transcend’s Glucose Gels are currently 12% off. This glucose gel provides 15g of fast-acting glucose which raises blood sugar fast during sugar lows for diabetics. It comes in a delicious natural strawberry flavor that makes it easy to manage blood sugar and energy. It has a syrup-like consistency that requires no chewing like other gels.

2. Care Touch Pen Needles
photo: Care Touch

Care Touch’s Pen Needles come with a lubricant coating to maximize comfort and precision for your readings. They are compatible with most Insulin pens and come in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Each box comes with 100 individually-wrapped sterile pen needles that attach securely to eliminate pop-off. These pen needles are made with surgical-grade, stainless steel.

3. ReliOn Glucose Tablets
photo: ReliOn

ReliOn’s Glucose Tablets are fast-acting glucose tablets that raise blood sugar fast during sugar lows for diabetics. These tablets are caffeine, fat, gluten, and sodium-free and provide 4g of fast-acting carbohydrates. It comes in 5 flavors: Citrus Punch, Grape, Orange, Raspberry, and Tropical Fruit.

4. Contour next EZ Diabetes Testing Kit
photo: Contour next

Contour next’s EZ Diabetes Testing Kit includes a Contour next EZ Diabetes Monitor, 100 Contour next test strips, 100 30g Active Forward Lancets, a Microlet Lancing Device, a Contour next Control Solution, Manual, Log Book, and Carry Case. It’s best to keep a testing kit handy to monitor how your blood sugar levels are doing as a diabetic. This kit’s monitor provides your results within 5 seconds and features second chance sampling with a tiny blood sample.

5. Arazo Nutrition Blood Sugar Support Supplement
photo: Arazo Nutrition

Arazo Nutrition’s Blood Sugar Support Supplement is currently $1 off on your first subscribe and save order. It is scientifically formulated with just the right amount of 20 different ingredients designed to support healthy blood sugar levels. The unique combination in this blend is crafted to help reduce glucose absorption and glucose production by your body. It supports normal blood sugar levels, weight loss, and energy, reduces sugar and carb absorption, supports insulin levels and supports heart health.

6. Care Touch Disposable Syringe
photo: Care Touch

Care Touch’s Disposable Syringe is a must-have if you inject insulin for your diabetes. Each syringe is sterile and individually wrapped to ensure quality and consistency in a sterile, clean environment. These syringes are intended for single use only and are easily disposable.

7. Debra Weitzner Diabetic Socks
photo: Debra Weitzner

Debra Weitzner’s Diabetic Socks offer a combination of quality, comfort, and style. These non-binding socks feature a loose-knit design that provides proper cushioning without squeezing or constricting your legs in any way. Its loose fit top allows your blood to flow unimpeded, boosting blood circulation for people with diabetes.

8. Falari Physician Approved Diabetic Socks
photo: Falari

Falari’s Physician Approved Diabetic Socks are physician-approved therapeutic diabetic socks made with 90% cotton, 7% polyester, and 3% elastane. It features a loose-fitting, non-binding top that allows blood to flow unimpeded, effectively boosting blood circulation. It is recommended for people with circulatory problems, diabetes, edema, and neuropathy.

9. Gly-Oxide Antiseptic Oral Cleanser
photo: Gly-Oxide

Having diabetes raises your chances of getting gum disease and other dental problems. That’s why it’s important to have a daily mouth care routine as a diabetic. Gly-Oxide's Antiseptic Oral Cleanser is currently 20% off with an additional 15% off on your first subscribe and save order. It features 3-in-1 action, cleansing, soothing, and killing odor-forming germs. It penetrates between teeth and other areas of the mouth to flush out food particles ordinary brushing can miss.

10. Contour next Blood Glucose Test Strips
photo: Contour next

Always keep your testing kit stocked with Contour next’s Blood Glucose Test Strips which are currently 75% off. These test strips are compatible with Contour next’s EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Each package contains 2 boxes of 50cc test strips.

11. Organic Deal Insulin Travel Case
photo: Organic Deal

Store all your essentials in Organic Deal’s Insulin Travel Case. Hailed as the “best epipen carrying case on the market”, this bag is perfect for diabetics who take insulin. It features a compact slim design that is sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. It also features a cooling function, allowing you to keep any medication that needs to be cooled.

12. NutriFlair Ceylon Cinnamon
photo: NutriFlair

NutriFlair’s Ceylon Cinnamon is currently 33% off. This supplement supports healthy blood sugar levels, promotes heart/circulatory health, and helps support fat metabolism. It also helps with weight management and joint pain and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement for diabetics.

13. One Earth Health Ketone Test Strips
photo: One Earth Health

If you have type 1 diabetes, it is important to stock up on One Earth Health’s Ketone Test Strips. These test strips can help you know how well insulin is working to fuel your cells. Each box comes with 150 urinalysis strips.

14. Lam Hub Fong Medical Bracelet
photo: Lam Hub Fong

Lam Hub Fong’s Medical Bracelet is ideal for emergencies. In the event of an emergency, this customizable medical bracelet can tell people that you have diabetes and who to call. The medical symbol and custom message are laser-engraved, so they won’t fade.