It comes as no surprise that being stuck with a cold or sinus problems is the worst. Having a cold leaves your body with aches and pains among other things while sinus problems just impede with your ability to breathe. What if there was a way to experience relief from cold and sinus symptoms while doing something you do every day? Here are 7 bath essentials for cold and sinus relief:

1. Vicks VapoShower
photo: Vicks

Vicks’ VapoShower is currently $1 off using a coupon. This shower tablet features soothing, non-medicated vapors that are activated by your warm shower. The combination of steam and Vicks aromatherapeutic vapors soothes cold and sinus symptoms. It is infused with Vicks Vapors’ proprietary blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus, and Camphor.

2. FridaBaby Breathe Frida
photo: FridaBaby

FridaBaby’s Breathe Frida is a natural vapor bath bomb designed for cold and flu comfort. Featuring an all-natural formulation, this bath bomb contains eucalyptus and lavender oils which are sure to kick cold and sinus symptoms to the curb. It helps you keep calm and most importantly, breathe easy.

3. Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set
photo: Rejuvelle

Rejuvelle’s Bath Bomb Gift Set comes with bath bombs that feature a perfect blend of essential oils to ease allergies and cold symptoms and help with sinus and congestion relief. Infused with eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, pine, and cypress essential oils, these bath bombs provide all-natural and soothing sinus, allergy, congestion, and cold relief.

4. Two Sisters Bubble Bomb
photo: Two Sisters

Two Sisters’ Bubble Bomb is formulated with eucalyptus and spearmint, both of which are known for their aromatherapeutic properties and roles in sinus and congestion relief. This bath bomb is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. It moisturizes your skin as well with a blend of essential oils, Epsom salts, and extra virgin olive oil.

5. Better Bath Better Body Sinus Soothing Bath Salt
photo: Better Bath Better Body

Better Bath Better Body’s Sinus Soothing Bath Salt is formulated with peppermint and cypress essential oils, Epsom salt, and vitamin C. Designed to help you relax, this bath salt helps provide relief from cold and sinus symptoms when used in the bath. It also contains vitamin C which helps to naturally neutralize the chlorine and ammonia hiding in your bath water.

6. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Shower Steamer
photo: Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Rocky Mountain Barber Company’s Shower Steamer is infused with real mint and eucalyptus essential oil and can be used in the shower. In addition to reducing stress, the soothing aroma of mint and eucalyptus oil also provides soothing relief from season allergies, nasal congestion, stress and tension, and cold symptoms.

7. Village Naturals Therapy Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak
photo: Village Naturals Therapy

Village Naturals Therapy’s Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak is infused with Epsom salt, menthol, and lemon. It features a powerful therapeutic blend meant for awakening the senses, rejuvenation, and on-the-go relief. This mineral bath soak also provides cold and allergy relief including sinus problems, nasal congestion, and aches and pains.