Living with ADHD can be a challenge. In addition to the hyperactivity, individuals with ADHD are also plagued by an inability to focus and more. Luckily, there are ADHD supplements on the market designed to help individuals with ADHD cope. Note that these supplements shouldn’t replace prescription medicine. Here are 7 of the best ADHD supplements on Amazon:

1. The Genius Brand Genius Consciousness
photo: The Genius Brand

The Genius Brand’s Genius Consciousness is currently 10% off using a coupon. Formulated with Phosphatidylserine, Acetyl L Carnitine, and L-Tyrosine, this supplement reduces brain fog and boosts focus. It is made with all-natural, scientifically proven ingredients and provides fast-acting energy, focus, and mood support for individuals with ADHD.

2. Huntington Labs Neuro Health
photo: Huntington Labs

Huntington Labs’ Neuro Health is currently 73% off. This nootropic supplement provides better focus and concentration for individuals with ADHD. It also enhances mental clarity, lifts mood, improves memory, and boosts brain function. This supplement is a fast way to enhance performance using nootropic brain-boosting natural extracts.

3. Zhou Nutrition Neuro-Peak
photo: Zhou Nutrition

Zhou Nutrition’s Neuro-Peak is currently 40% off on your first subscribe and save order. This supplement is scientifically formulated to support memory, focus, and clarity for individuals with ADHD. It is a nootropic meaning it was formulated to help support memory and cognitive function. It also provides stress and mood support and helps re-energize your mind so you can stay focused on important tasks.

4. HCF Brain Supplement
photo: HCF

HCF’s Brain Supplement is fueled by amino acids and 15 pure and effective associated neuro-nutrients to nutritionally feed your brain. This supplement helps enhance focus, increase attention, improve alertness and memory, sustain feelings of happiness, boost mood, and promotes healthy sleep cycles in individuals with ADHD.

5. Havasu Nutrition neuroIGNITE
photo: Havasu Nutrition

Havasu Nutrition’s neuroIGNITE is a fast-acting brain supplement carefully formulated with St. John’s Wort, Gingko Biloba, and other nootropic brain boosters to help support mental performance, promote a positive mood, and boost energy. This supplement is caffeine-free and improves focus, concentration, and mood in individuals with ADHD.

6. Arazo Nutrition Brain Plus
photo: Arazo Nutrition

Arazo Nutrition’s Brain Plus is currently $1 off on your first subscribe and save order. This supplement is scientifically formulated with 41 ingredients and designed to boost focus, memory, concentration, and clarity. It also offers stress and mood support for individuals with ADHD.

7. Happy Healthy Hippie Joy-Filled
photo: Happy Healthy Hippie

Happy Healthy Hippie’s Joy-Filled is a completely plant-based supplement that provides total mood support. Formulated with 7 healing herbs, this supplement helps relax the mind, boosts mood, and relieves not just ADHD symptoms but anxiety and depression symptoms as well.