Having a face mask to wear may be good for survival if local authorities finally decide to lift coronavirus-related "stay-at-home" restrictions in your area. However, you will need something that fully protects your face from respiratory droplets which may or may not contain virus-causing germs and bacteria, especially while going outside. Also, at some point you might end up talking to people who are deaf or have hearing problems, and wearing a face mask/covering makes it hard for them to lip read when you talk.

So what do you need to tackle these problems, you ask? A face shield that is both wide enough to cover your entire face, and transparent enough for some to see your mouth for lip reading purposes. A face shield is not only comfortable to wear, but also keeps you from touching your face unnecessarily. Best of all, they can be easily disinfected and reused for weeks to come.

With all else said, here are the best face shields that you can use once stay-at-home restrictions are lifted:

1. Itopfox Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Itopfox's Face Shield rotates up to 120 degrees for easy adjustment. Made from transparent and recyclable polyethylene, this waterproof and dustproof mask sits perfectly on your head, delivering extra comfort while safely protecting your face from fluids and debris when you are going outside.

2. Peakwill Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Made from a blend of polyethylene plastic and sponge, Peakwill's Face Mask has anti-fog and anti-static coating treatment for a clear and double-sided anti-fog effect, protecting your eyes, nose and mouth. Available in packs of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50, these come with extra alcohol pads and a microfiber cleaning cloth to use for cleanup.

3. Petocase Face Shield (5-Piece)
(photo from amazon.com)

Petocase's Face Shield is large enough to cover your face, providing full protection from respiratory droplets, saliva, splash, oil and dust. Made of polyethylene, it is treated with anti-fog and antistatic coating for improved visibility. Each side of the mask is equipped with an elastic band and a sponge headband for comfortable long-term wear.

4. Wet Design WetShield Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Wet Design's WetShield Face Shield features a full-height wrap-around design that allows you to have unobstructed, 360-degree views. Lightweight and easy to clean, this mask is comfortable to wear daily, and is foam-free to prevent absorption of sweat, which can harbor dirt and microbes.

5. Homasen Face Shield (2-Piece)
(photo from amazon.com)

In stock May 15, Homasen's Face Shield can be easily cleaned using only water or a disinfectant. It has a high-quality PET casing that prevents saliva droplets, chemicals and paint from splashing into your face, along with a harness that moves up or down so it can fit with most goggles or respirators.

6. Feoya Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Available in five colors, Feoya's Face Shield features an adjustable wide elastic band that allows it to be worn regardless of head size. Made from PVC plastic, this lightweight, breathable face shield not only isolates saliva, but also protects your face from aerosols, sprays and splatters.

7. Faulkner Plastics Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Available in packs of one, two and 25, Faulkner Plastics' Face Shield covers every part of your head -- including your ears. It is spacious enough to be used along with face masks, and is easily cleaned using a disinfectant. This reusable face shield also has velcro straps so it can fit most adult head sizes.

8. Stago Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Made of recyclable and transparent PET plastic, Stago's Face Shield, which is available in packs of two and five on Amazon, is lightweight and delivers a virtually clear vision, all while being fast and easy to wear. The face shield provides good air permeability and covers your entire face to prevent germs and bacteria from entering.

9. Matcc Face Shield
(photo from amazon.com)

Made of a blend of PP and PET plastics, Matcc's face mask is soft, lightweight, and resistant to high temperatures. With a measurement of 32-by-22 centimeters, it is spacious enough to fit your face. Through its double-sided anti-fog hood, it effectively prevents saliva splashing while protecting your face and maintaining good visibility.