Many a woman becomes furious upon coming home to the sight of her man masturbating to hardcore porn on his desktop computer. While every woman has a different reason for not wanting their significant other to watch pornography, a new survey finds that those who embrace it, or at least watch it with their men, are likely to have more sex. The catch, however, is that they have to have a TV in their bedroom.

“TV is becoming such a pivotal part of everyday life and it’s becoming much more common to have a TV in your bedroom than to not,” a spokesperson for said, according to the Daily Mail. “While it’s much better for your health to use your bedroom as a place to sleep and your living room as a place to watch TV, it seems that the addition of a plasma could spice things up between the sheets.” Arguably, getting randy (Do people even use that term anymore?) while the TV’s on in the bedroom may put you to sleep faster.

Either way, the website, which offers discount deals, surveyed 2,431 people about their TV-watching habits. When asked if they had TVs in their bedrooms, 74 percent said that they did. The website then asked how often respondents had sex and whether or not having a TV in their bedrooms affected the frequency. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said that having a TV improved their sex life, and in all, those who had TVs in their bedrooms had sex twice as much per week.

Breaking it down even further, those who had TVs in their bedroom pretty much credited the TVs as their reason for having more sex. Forty-seven percent of them said that they watched or had their TV on while having sex, 37 percent said that watching erotic movies or TV shows led to sex, and 32 percent said that the TV in their bedroom allowed them to have sex while watching their favorite show — how to focus on both is an issue for another article. Meanwhile, another 29 percent said the sex got them through a boring show.

There are many ways to strengthen a relationship, and frequent sex is one of them. If you’re up for it, going vegan will not only make your body feel more sensual, it will also make your body fluids better tasting, boost energy, and increase blood flow. You don’t have to have to get a TV to improve your sex life, but doing so certainly won’t hurt it, either.