Keeping a handle on all of the different CBD products in the market can be challenging. When CBD was declassified as a schedule I drug in 2018 via the Farm Bill, entrepreneurs stormed the industry, each trying to offer the first-of-it’s kind CBD infused product. Nowadays, you can find CBD-infused products on the shelves ranging from CBD infused drinks to CBD lotions. Beyond the vast selection of CBD infused goods on the market, each form of CBD has benefits that are unique to its kind. To give you a better understanding of some of these CBD products and their benefits, we sat down with Premium Jane to learn about the four most popular forms of CBD; oil, capsules, topicals, and gummies, as well as the benefits specific to each of these unique products.

The Four Most Popular Forms of CBD

Premium Jane has a catalogue that hosts more CBD infused products than most CBD manufacturers. On top of their offerings, Premium Jane has a vast library of CBD related information for all of the products that it offers. In a world where CBD is an emerging market, and not very many people are keen on this new product, having a resource like Premium Jane is invaluable. That is why we took the time to talk with Premium Jane to learn more about the different forms of CBD and why consumers might be interested in taking CBD in some of these formats over the others.

1. CBD Oil

CBD oil, sometimes called, CBD tincture, is the most popular form of CBD. CBD oil is a liquid that comes in a bottle, usually with an eye-dropper or pipet. Since it is in liquid form, CBD oil can be added to a variety of items. For instance, it can be dropped onto your food or into your drink; however, it is recommended that the user places a few drops of CBD oil under their tongue. When CBD is taken sublingually, it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream via the blood vessels under your tongue. Many people prefer this method because when CBD is taken in this form, it does not need to travel through your digestive tract, which could take upwards of 30 minutes. As a result, users who take CBD oil usually feel its effects faster than they would if they took CBD in its other forms.

2. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are edible treats that have been infused with CBD. CBD gummies are very similar to gummy worms and gummy bears--the only difference being that they are infused with CBD. Because CBD gummies are ingested, they must travel through the digestive tract before they become effective. As a result, when you eat CBD gummies, it will take you longer to feel the effects of the CBD than it would if you used a tincture.

CBD gummies are nearly as popular as CBD oil when it comes to peoples preferred method of CBD consumption. Many people even prefer CBD gummies over CBD oil because gummies tend to come in more flavours.

3. CBD Capsules

CBD capsules can be thought of as CBD that is in pill form. Most CBD products in this format come as gel-capsules that are infused with CBD. CBD capsules are meant to be taken with water or juice--like other medicines that come in pill form. Similar to CBD gummies, CBD capsules also travel through the digestive tract and can take 30 minutes or more before you begin to feel the effects of the CBD.

4. CBD Topicals

CBD topicals typically come in the form of creams, lotions, and salves. Unlike the other types of CBD that we mentioned above, CBD topicals are not meant to be ingested (eaten). Instead, a CBD topical is applied to the surface of your skin. Some user feedback states that skin stays moisturized for longer due to the properties of CBD. Others say that when they apply a CBD topical to an area where they are experiencing discomfort, that the CBD topical helps them manage the irritation they are experiencing in that area.

Which Form is Right for Me?

Many consumers wonder which form of CBD is right for them, and really, that answer comes down to your individual needs. Some consumers are looking for a supplement for their daily vitamin, and find themselves gravitating toward CBD capsules or gummies for this reason. Others are looking for forms of CBD that are fast-acting that can help them manage the discomfort they are experiencing; these users tend to prefer CBD oils and CBD topicals because they have fast on-sets. When considering which form of CBD is right for you, you should ask yourself why you are interested in taking CBD. After you answer that question, it will become easier to decide which form of CBD would be most appropriate for you given your needs.