Do you make the effort to regularly shave/trim your hair? Are you sure you're doing it safely and hygienically? Here are 10 manscaping trimming tips as well as where to get the best tools.

Is Manscaping Good for You?

Going beyond swiping a stick of deodorant on one's armpits, manscaping has become an essential part of men's grooming. Aside from looking neat, it's also good for your hygiene and may even give your confidence a boost.

If you're new to manscaping then here are the best manscaping tips for the next time you hop in the shower.

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When it comes to manscaping, taking it slow is the way to go. Unsplash (CC0)

1. Avoid Cross-Contamination

Cleanliness is an essential part of manscaping. Take a shower first as this will soften the hair and remove bacteria from the skin, making it easier to shave/trim. The same rule applies to your tools. Clean them first, but make sure that the razor you use for your face isn't the same one you'll use for your body and groin area.

2. Prep Your Skin with Pre-Oil

Regardless of which body part you choose to start shaving, you should always ensure that your skin is protected as razors can cause post-shave irritation. This is highly likely to happen if you're new to shaving. As such, prepare your skin by using pre-shave oil. This should soften any coarse body hair while helping the razor glide more smoothly and avoid any cuts.

3. Go Slow

Go slow while manscaping, especially if you're a beginner. The skin around your groin tends to be softer and more sensitive, so pay extra attention when you're shaving around this area. Take your time and be gentle with your body.

4. Do it Dry

While we told you to shower before you manscape, we also recommend that you dry off before starting. Wet hair usually bunches up and sticks to the skin, while dry hair will allow for a closer and more accurate trim. Doing so also reduces the risk of you slipping on the floor and hurting yourself.

5. Stretch Your Skin

Stretching your skin will allow you to get into every area of your body, especially around the crotch area. To do this, carefully stretch the skin fold and grooves on the crotch area with your free hand and go slow with the trimmer as you start shaving. This should help you get a closer trim while also minimizing the risk of cutting yourself with the razor.

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Manscaping after a shower is a good idea, as this will ensure that your body is clean and your skin is softer before you start shaving. Unsplash (CC0)

6. Shave on the Direction Your Hair Grows

If you already shaved your face and neck, then you already know this trick. While some shave against the grain of their hair, it's recommended that you shave the way your hair goes. This allows for the hair to be more evenly cut. Your hair tends to grow in different patterns, so it's generally a better idea to follow the direction of the hair growth.

7. Do Some Stretches

Remember that shaving every inch of your body hair takes patience and a lot of flexibility. Put a towel on the bathroom floor, stand on it and do some stretches. Take your time, don't overexert yourself with stretching and make sure you feel comfortable after. This way, it will be easier for you to reach around your private area and cover everything.

8. Prepare for Stubble

If you're going for a full shave, expect an itchy stubble to appear between one to three days. This is more likely to happen if you frequently shave. If you're preparing for an event and want to avoid this, make sure to shave a day before the event or during the morning of the day itself.

9. Keep an Ointment Handy

You can be as careful as you want, but there will likely be times that you will get cuts and nicks. As such, it's better to be prepared by keeping an ointment ready. If you do happen to cut yourself, clean the area using soap and water before drying and applying some ointment. Cover it with a band-aid to keep it clean after.

10. Use the Right Tool

Lastly, you must use the right tool for manscaping. Instead of going for a cheap disposable one, get yourself a good-quality razor that will last. Not only will this help you save money, but a good razor will also minimize cuts, giving you a smoother cut and improve the overall quality of shaving.

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Proper manscaping will improve your hygiene and boost your confidence. Unsplash (CC0)

Best Manscaping Groomer 2021

Getting the best shave requires having the best tools to do the job. It may seem like an afterthought for many, but the razor you pick will either enhance or worsen your shaving experience, so use the right one.

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Meridian Grooming's the Trimmer is a pocket-sized but powerful trimmer for all your manscaping needs.

A pocket-sized razor that can cut even the most unruly hair with ease, The Trimmer is one of the best manscaping razors now. It's also easy-to-handle and agile thanks to its tightly packed ceramic blades while the battery runs up to 90 minutes on a single charge. Additionally, it comes with different guide combs and a cleaning brush. It is also waterproof and rust-resistant. Affordable and highly rated by many customers, it's a must-buy for men who are conscious of their grooming.

For a better shaving experience, also get Meridian Grooming's The Spray, which is formulated to neutralize odor and keep you smelling fresh. It's loaded with natural ingredients that can relieve inflammation and add hydration. Meridian also offers cool grooming packages, which include:

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Take advantage of Meridian Grooming's curated packages for a premium manscaping experience.

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