Many singletons express frustration when it comes to approaching that special someone of the opposite sex who has caught their eye from across the room. While women and men alike spend hundreds on clothing and beauty treatments to make themselves more attractive, you don’t have to be a runway model or a Greek God to crack the laws of attraction. To uncover the science behind sex appeal, follow these six scientifically-proven ways to attract the opposite sex by just using your body — your best asset.

1. Put A Smile On Your Face

Happiness is the key to success, and this applies to the laws of attraction, too. Women, to successfully catch the eye of that special man, flash him a simple smile. A 2011 study found happiness was considered the most attractive emotion women expressed. It makes women more approachable, making men more likely to strike up a conversation. Ladies, be sure to deliver a genuine smile but not a fake one because men will be able to tell the difference. Also, a genuine smile is known to add years to your life.

2. Maintain Your Pearly Whites

It seems Mom was on to something when she forced you to brush your teeth two times a day. People who have a white and even set of teeth are viewed as more attractive because teeth are indicative of health and good genetics, according to a 2012 study. Teeth are viewed as the equivalent of a peacock’s tail, and they're a significant factor when it comes to choosing a mate. Remember, before you leave the house, brush your teeth and floss so you can show off that Colgate smile.

3. Be The Lady In Red

Ladies, one lip color that will always be in season and never out of style is red, so be sure to have it handy, especially if you want to attract that mysterious stranger. A 2010 study found men gazed the longest at women wearing red lipstick because they considered it most attractive. Women who paint their lips red enhance their sex appeal and their overall attractiveness, which increases a man’s visual fixation. It is no wonder lips are considered the most sensual body part in women.

4. Modulate Your Voice Pitch

If you’ve managed to catch the attention of that special someone and are planning to strike up a conversation, be sure to modulate your voice. For men, women with higher voice octaves are significantly more attractive, according to a 2004 study. During ovulation, women tend to produce more estrogen, which raises the pitch of their voices, which for men could provide an unconscious indication of fertility. Ladies, ditch the Scarlett Johansson husky voice and embrace your nasal voice.

In regard to men, deep and seductive voices à la James Earl Jones are attractive to women — but only for a short-term fling. A 2013 study suggests women are attracted to these men in a situation where maybe they wouldn’t expect fidelity, and therefore see them fit for a short-term relationship. Men, stick to your regular tone of voice, unless you’re only looking for a one-night stand.

5. Put Only A Spritz Of Cologne On Your Body

To attract women, several men douse themselves in layers and layers of cologne, so that special someone can catch a whiff. However, the signature scent that attracts the ladies is not found in a department store but rather on your body. A man’s natural body odor can easily attract women and unconsciously lead to an increased desire to mate. A 2002 study found women were most attracted to the shirts of men whose major histocompatibility complexes — collection of genes related to immune systems — differed from theirs. This finding indicates women seek to mate with those who have a different immune system than themselves to help with the survival of their offspring.

6. Play Hard To Get

It’s time to play the dreaded brain-teasing cat and mouse again to attract a member of the opposite sex. This odd human behavior entices men and women to become more drawn to each other because it provides an element of surprise. A 2011 study found women were more attracted to men who they were uncertain were interested in them — as opposed to when women were certain men were very interested in them. If a man reserves some of his feelings at the very beginning and creates some mystery, he'll be more likely to lure a member of the opposite sex.

Next time a special someone catches your eye, try these six proven ways to attract them effortlessly.