Deodorants don’t actually stop you from sweating; they really mask or absorb the smell. Meanwhile, antiperspirants actually block the sweat glands. Some people are just naturally more stinky than others and may feel they have to use those products. But do they do so at risk to their health?

In Brit Lab’s video “Are Deodorants Bad For You?” the host explores the rumors about using deodorant and antiperspirants’ impact on your health.

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Back in 2002, a study explored the rumored link between deodorant and breast cancer, and concluded that there is no increased risk. According to the video from Brit Lab, the National Cancer Institute has found no link between deodorants and cancer.

Additionally, supposed links between Alzheimer’s disease and antiperspirant have also been suggested, but scientific research hasn’t supported these claims.

“So, that’s good news. Deodorants can’t harm you, but they will stop you smelling horrible,” the Brit Lab host states.

Want to know more about how this hygiene practice impacts your well being? Watch the video above.

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