If you’re not catching enough quality Z’s each night, the fix could be something you’d least expect: sleeping less.

In PictureFit’s new video, “Sleep Better By Sleeping Less?” the host offers three simple steps (some math included) to practicing sleep restriction therapy (SRT).

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Step one requires using a sleep log to track your average sleep time for two weeks. For step two, spend a week staying in bed only as long as your average nightly hours of sleep. During this part of the SRT process, continue keeping a sleep log before determining your average sleep time with the new time restriction.

Are you staying in bed for the right amount of time? Step three answers this question when you calculate sleep efficiency (new sleep time divided by time in bed) to decide if you should add or remove hours. If the result is above 90 percent, you can add 15 minutes to your time in bed, but if it’s below 80 percent then you remove 15 minutes allotted for sleep. If it’s in between, keep the time the same.

Want to know more about sleep restriction therapy? Watch the video below.

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