Warts are never a pleasant sight. More so, genital warts. Genital warts are warts that appear on the genitals and are usually symptoms of an STI. If you’re wondering how to get rid of genital warts, here are 7 products to try out:

1. Evagloss Wart Remover
photo: Evagloss

Evagloss’ Wart Remover is currently 20% off with an additional 5% off using a coupon. This wart remover has been rigorously tested for maximum performance and has been proven to eliminate common, plantar, and genital warts commonly found on the hands, feet, arms, and genitals. It also effectively protects against and prevents further infection.

2. Nuonove Liquid Wart Remover
photo: Nuonove

Nuonove’s Liquid Wart Remover is a wart removal pen that attacks warts within minutes of application. Warts will begin to die within 3-5 days of initial application of the liquid and with consistent treatment, most warts will be completely eliminated within 2 weeks without any scarring.

3. Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment for Verrucas and Warts
photo: Bazuka

Bazuka’s Extra Strength Treatment for Verrucas and Warts is currently 24% off. It is formulated with ingredients that work together to break down and remove verrucas, warts, corns, and calluses. Its unique formulation is designed to inhibit the spread of any verruca/wart infections.

4. Samsali Wart Remover
photo: Samsali

Samsali’s Wart Remover removes your wart fast and effectively. It can remove all kinds of common warts and plantar warts as well as corns on the foot and hand. It penetrates deep to uproot any warts and immediately kickstarts repair and regeneration. It also relieves itching.

5. Plant Therapy No More Warts
photo: Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy’s No More Warts is a kid-safe synergy blend designed to help eliminate warts. Its natural and gentle formula is effective for warts such as common, plantar, flat, and genital and it may also help with Molluscum Contagiosum. It features an essential oil blend that is effective in removing warts without scarring.

6. Remicor Wart Remover
photo: Remicor

Remicor’s Wart Remover is currently 5% off using a coupon. Formulated with premium essential oils and highly potent ingredients that safely and painlessly kill warts, this wart remover is the natural choice for treating warts. It fully eliminates most warts within 2 weeks of regular application, leaving behind no scarring.

7. Puriderma Wart Remover
photo: Puriderma

Puriderma’s Wart Remover is currently 16% off. This wart remover effectively penetrates and eliminates warts painlessly, leaving no trace of the wart behind. You don’t have to worry about scarring or rough skin as this wart remover restores and rejuvenates your skin while it eliminates warts.