Why do I lose Instagram followers? Why is my number of followers decreasing?
These are certain questions that you have already asked yourself when managing your profile. It is true that this may seem worrying because the logical meaning in the creating of an account on the social network is to gain followers constantly. The reason is obvious, as you can increase visibility and credibility.

However, this is by no means inevitable, and it is important in this context to understand what can be the different reasons why you lose followers on your account.
Throughout this article, we will give you concrete causes that can have an impact on the size of your community, and we will see that, in some cases, you are responsible. But in other cases, external factors can weigh on your meter. Also, you will learn what to do when your Instagram is not getting new followers.

Optimize your content & captions to encourage sharing in private messages

Adding hashtags to your posts is a good thing, but it is important to think about your content so that it generates a maximum of private shares, and thus be discovered by new people who are not your followers.

In this context, it is, therefore, necessary to reflect on the real added value of your content. It should not be a simple promotion of a product/service, but of posts having an impact on people's daily lives high enough to be worthy of 'to be shared.
Put yourself in the place of your followers and ask yourself the question, in which cases will they be led to think, "This post is great, I absolutely must send it to my best friends"?

It can happen because you just posted:
• a good suggestion
• useful advice
• an inspirational quote
• humorous content

Use copywriting techniques to engage your followers. Instagram is made of photos, yes, but there are also words. You have to find compelling descriptions, but not only that, you have to attract the attention of the Instagrammers and to do it there are some tricks that we want to explain to you:

• Ask the followers in the photo or description directly to make it would be, "Give me like if you would go out with me."
It's a bit of an idiot, but it works, and you can use it for even more serious purposes!
• Ask your followers for an opinion
• Use the formula "tag someone who ..."

• Promote photo contests, as did Starbucks, who asked to redesign his cardboard cup and post the photo.

If you sell products, ask followers to post a photo of how they use them, the results they get, or where they place them!

• Use emoticons: in some cases, they are really useful. If you ask to click on a page, try inserting the index finger emoticon!
• Harness the magical power of the human brain to engage your Instagram followers. Like? Use puzzles and word games, but also visual ones! Try to post a photo divided in half and ask explicitly: "find the differences."
• Or hide a small object in each of your photos and ask to find it. We often find photos online where animals are camouflaged. We couldn't care less, but we always end up losing at least twenty minutes looking for the cat or owl on duty!

It will be me, but we don't see any cats, yet they say there is one camouflaged! Do you find it?

Spy on the competition: Yes, even in this case, the best way to know which photos work best is to take inspiration from others! And best thing to do, buy real Instagram followers when you are getting new followers. It is an instant and reliable way to increase your following count.

Publish Good Photos

What do you think that we leave you in the middle? Now we'll explain all the ways to optimize Instagram photos:

• Use the right filters. Which ones are they? Choose the most effective Instagram filters. For example, Mayfair works best with every photo. The best relationship between the use of a filter and engagement is that of Mayfair. What is engagement? Let's talk about it in a while.
According to Websta.com, instead, the list of the most popular filters of Instagram is this:
• Valencia
• X-Pro II
• Earlybird
• Bitter
• Rise
• Hudson
• Lo-fi
• Hefe
• Sierra

If you want to keep an eye on the performance of your photos based on the filters you use, try Iconosquare. Calculates that a photo with a filter has a 21% probability of being seen and 45% more likely to be commented on!

• Use square photos: Instagram was created as a snapshot sharing social, borrowing the symbols of the 70s and 80s of the Polaroids. The recipe is simple, a square photo and a very small space to write a caption.
• Use the optimal settings for your photos on Instagram. According to research, the photos that get the best results are those in which a filter is used that keeps exposure and contrast very high and gives warm colors. Remember:

• Increase brightness
• Leave a good background percentage
• Do not overdo it with too strong colors
• Better if only one color is dominant
• Keep saturation low
• It gives a glimpse of the texture of what you portray (e.g., clothes)

• Follow the rules of color: choose two or three opposite colors on the color scale. For instance, if your background is blue, orange will be the other color to use.

• Respect the proportions: Are we taking you an accelerated photography course? Well, you have to respect the golden section and generally follow some good rules to make a photo really cool. Here they are:
• Capture a simple subject.
• Fill the photo, and don't leave empty or random areas.
• Vertical or horizontal? It doesn't matter; for Instagram, the perfect photo is square.
• The subject at the center? Never! It makes photos static and boring.
• Take advantage of diagonals and perspective compared to vertical or horizontal objects; diagonals give a sense of dynamism.
If the image is moving, leave room for your followers to imagine it.
A zoom would not make the idea of thrill! Break the rules to express something particular. If you have a brand, a logo, always put it in every photo.