Dr. Nadia Najjari: An Infertility Consultant’s View On Her Job

Dr. Nadia Najjari
Dr. Nadia Najjari is a renowned German Moroccan reproductive medicine expert. Dr. Nadia Najjari

There are many jobs with life-changing importance for others. We take an IVF doctor as an example of life-giving importance, literally. One such doctor is Dr. Nadia Najjari M.D. PhD is a consultant of IVF and reproductive medicine, currently working at HealthPlus infertility clinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an Assisted Reproduction Technique that consists of extracting the eggs from a patient who has previously been stimulated with hormonal therapy and putting them in contact with the sperm in the laboratory.

Dr. Nadia Najjari is a renowned German Moroccan reproductive medicine expert and is a prime example of an outstanding professional. Born in Morocco, she studied medicine in Germany, worked there for 13 years in different clinics then moved to UAE, where she has been working for 8 years now. Dr. Nadia Najjari spent over two decades in the medical field. She specializes in reproductive endocrinology and fertility, with a particular emphasis on IVF segmentation for improved implantation and success. Additionally, she focuses on recurrent implantation failure, recurrent miscarriage and fertility preservation prior to cytotoxic therapy, as well as hormonal imbalances and other hormonal abnormalities. She has shown us her achievements while in UAE, where she has been working for 3 different clinics in the last 8 years.

During this time, she has done 4231 oocyte retrievals, a procedure in which eggs are taken from the ovaries. She has done 1384 embryo transfers during the last 8 years. These are only some of the procedures which resulted in life -- a human being.

The main work of an IVF expert which takes the most time and effort is the consultation of patients and evaluation of possible treatments together with them. Dr. Nadia emphasizes that she is an ardent proponent of always providing all pertinent information to patients without influencing them. She informs them of the facts, the true chances they face if they undergo treatment. With all the data, it is now up to them to decide what to do. And most decide for treatment. Dr. Nadia's overall success rate is 70%.

Dr. Nadia shares that she enjoys treating couples who are experiencing infertility and assisting them in achieving pregnancy. She has achieved success on several occasions during the last 8 years: 1200 times and counting. Her all-time count including her time in Germany is 3,000.

That's more than three thousand human beings on this planet because of her expertise. And that gives her awe and devotion at the same time. 

Here's what Dr. Nadia has to say about her job: 

"Some patients send me pictures and information a long time after birth. I especially can remember two incidents: I had a Filipino couple here in UAE who had lots of difficulties, but we managed them all and they had twins. They were so thankful, they even named one of the twins after my husband (they heard me speak with him on the phone many times), they moved and live in Canada now, and they send me updates every now and then. 

I had a couple for treatment here in UAE, an English pilot and his wife from Uganda. We were successful. They moved to Uganda, and the woman just gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. And the father filmed the first moments of the children after birth, and then he sent me the video directly, even before speaking to his wife. This happened just recently, and I am still moved. 

I have to say, I am having one of the best jobs in the world. I get to know stories from couples you would not believe, more interesting and moving than any TV series or soap opera you could imagine. I see them cry, be moved, devoted, in despair -- you need to be at least half a psychologist to manage all this, and in the end, my reward is to bring them the news: You are pregnant, congratulations. Isn't that great? Just imagine."

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